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Soft Maple Characteristics

Soft Maple is creamy white with darker colored pith flecks. The Soft Maple's heartwood varies from light to dark reddish brown. The amount of darker brown heartwood significantly varies according to North American regions. Soft Maple is very similar to Hard Maple.

Physical Properties

Soft Maple is 25% less hard than Hard maple with medium bending and strength properties. In addition, it is low in stiffness and shock resistance. Overall, it has great steam bending properties.

Main uses

Soft Maple is used in kitchen cabinets, paneling, furniture, flooring, interior joinery, stairs, handrails, musical instruments, turning, moldings and doors.

Working Properties

Soft Maple machines well. It screws, nails, and glues satisfactorily. It dries slowly with minimal shrinkage. Soft Maple produces an excellent finish when stained and polished.